Monday, December 26, 2011


No "Kitty" is not our new pet or Christmas present! When we took Quincy in last week to have a cyst removed, our vet had 4 six week old kittens in the waiting room. Someone had left them in a box on her door step.We just happened to have a good friend who was looking for a kitten for her daughter who is also friends with the girls.
It worked out perfect and "Kitty" was selected. When we went in to pick up Quincy we brought home "Kitty" to pet sit until Christmas Eve. She is so cute and tiny but also a little ball of fire, tearing through the family room where she camped out from the safety of two very enthusiastic pugs!
The girls set up a crate for her with everything she would need and loved her so much. I didn't have to do hardly anything for the three days she was here. The boys and Bill even spent time holding her and loving on her.
On Christmas Eve, we ran out of church to get home and get "Kitty" ready for her new family. We put a tag for the girls friend and added a bow to the carrier. Then we blinged "Kitty" up with a sparkly pink bow. Her new owner Daddy arrived at 8pm to take her home. Erin was a bit teary seeing her go, she had really bonded and basically spent three days in the family room only coming up to eat!
Within 30 minutes we received pictures and texts from her new family and "Kitty" looked so happy!
Most importantly, my girls were thrilled to be able to participate in the magic of Christmas for their friend. They loved helping and being a part of such a special gift for such a special friend. It was so sweet to hear them talk about "Grace's" kitty and how excited and happy she would be. Oh they were so happy for her!
"Kitty" is now known as Vanilla "Nilla" Paws Angel, a perfect Christmas present!

Merry Christmas Grace! We love you!

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Gretchen said...

Vanilla is ADORABLE!!! So cute, Grace you will have so much fun with her!