Monday, January 10, 2011

Warms My Heart

This absolutely warms my heart! Lindy is reading, by herself, unprompted by anyone, and LOVING it! It has been years since she has really sat down to read anything other than a quick picture book. Thank God for American Girls! What is not to like about anything they have? It has taught the girls every kind of history imaginable, we've used the feelings books and journals, and a host of others.
Santa brought these new American Girl books for Christmas and he must have known they were just what Lindy needed. They are adorable choose your own adventures complete with a map and a host of cute American Girls. Lindy's first one was Braving the Lake, she read all the endings. I had her tell me about the story (she has often in her dyslexia struggle complained that she did not understand what she read and also because they look so cute I want to know!).
She not only recounted the main plot but told me all the different endings. When I asked her which one she liked best she said the third one. Why? The character "stood up for herself and that's something I don't do very much". Very true, Lindy is the ultimate peace maker, the one who will get walked all over if she's not careful. Which is what I love about American Girls they really encourage girls to be true to themselves and do the right things even when its hard.
Kind of like trying to read when its been a struggle and a daunting task. Her confidence has soared in the last couple of weeks because of these books. I brought the other two home yesterday from B&N and haven't seen much of her since!
Keep up the hard work Lindy, its paying off! Daddy and I are blown away by your motivation and drive to be the best you can be. Love you!

Such the little mama! Reading her book surrounded by her dolls.

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Rob M. said...

I believe Lindy's "namesake" (Grommy) and Great Grandmother are/were readers!