Sunday, January 9, 2011

Scrapbooking Extravaganza!!

I miss my scrapbooking week so much. The days melded together and quickly slipped into evenings and then really late nights. I did shower but I lived in my jammies, left the house twice all week, barely cooked, and ate lots of chocolate! It was heaven. I love my scrapbooking space in the basement and since it is tucked away  I don't hear the door and if the phone is not down there with me I don't hear it either. Its like being on a vacation in your house down there I just love it!
I was SO behind on my monthly kits. All told at the end of the week I finished 38 pages! Not bad since many of them took awhile since I was learning something new technique wise. So not only did I get lots done but I got a crash course on some things I had been wanting to learn. I also took some time to use up much of my remaining kits supplies on making extra pages for my scrapbooks or making extra cards to put in my stash for the upcoming year.
Here are some of my favorites....

 Loved all the Barn/horse pages. The paper color combo was beautiful, taupes with pale blue.

 This picture of Kyle is two years old but I have always joked with him that it reminds me of a picture that would be on a campaign mailer!

Love these VBS pics, also two years old, I had other great VBS pics that I finally got scrapped as well.

My absolute favorite picture of Erin and her BFF Emma. I had to have a 5x7 of this and was so glad when I did this page since it fit right in!

Fourth of July 2009 

So that's the end of the samples from the marathon. I am trying to figure out how to get back down there in the next couple of weeks for a weekend marathon. Once I get started I have a hard time stopping!

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Laura said...

Margot, those look amazing! So glad you enjoyed your week :)