Sunday, January 16, 2011

Cookie Rally Ready!

Last weekend our troop hosted the Cookie Rally for Daisies and first time cookie selling Brownies. The girls created crafts, role playing games on how to sell cookies, Bingo, costume relay races and more. They had a great turn out of over 50 little girls! The girls broke into teams to run a total of 7 stations. The remaining girls each were in charge of escorting a group of girls through their schedule of stations.
The Juniors spent two meetings planning for the event and earned their Junior Aide award with the completion of the Rally. It was so much fun to be the "big girls".
Now the fun really begins, selling our Girl Scout Cookies! Time to order!

Lily and her mom ran the cookie taste testing station. Lily was the only Girl Scout for that station and she did a great job. As the girls snacked on cookies, Lily led them in making a cookie book with all the different types of cookies.
Anna and AnnMarie worked the Cookie Game Station. The girls broke into two groups, one played Cookie Twister (just a regular twister game with cookies on the circles) and a cookie mystery game. The girls had to guess what the missing cookie was.
Mary and Brooke had the important job of showing the girls how to sell cookies. First they did a little skit showing how to sell cookies. Then they gave the girls turns to work on how to sell. They also covered money and how to make change for the cost of the cookies.
Jessie and Skylar worked the Goal Setting Station. They had a cute little craft for the girls to make that was a reminder for them as to how many cookies they want to sell. They also arranged all the prizes for the sale on a table so the girls could see what they can earn.

Mackenzie and Faith worked Safety Bingo. They covered all the important safety tips and gave out lollipops to all the girls at the end of the game.

Mia and Paige had Phone Sales. They also did a little skit on how to sell cookies over the phone and covered phone safety. The girls then made cute little paper cell phone decorated with stickers and gems.

Rebekah and Lindy were both group leaders and led groups of eight girls through their stations. They were in charge of keeping track of the little ones crafts, passports etc. Cynthia worked the Cookie Costume Relay game which was quite a hit. Cynthia was also the "older girl" who everyone looked up to. She led the opening and closing cheer and helped the Juniors with the flag ceremony. She was my right arm for everything, I couldn't have done it without her!
Of course when we got home we had to have a little costume fun!

How could you not buy cookies from such cute little girls?!

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