Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ethan's New Room

 This has been a LONG time coming. We have been trying to get this redo done for the last 2 years. We have had many false starts, with a boy who struggles with making decisions. But we finally turned a corner and over the last couple of months he successfully picked some things out.
We started with bedding that Ethan liked. Then over Christmas he found the paint color he liked and a new bed. For Christmas Santa brought him a bean bag chair, a new floor lamp he wanted, and his Grommy got him a new desk. Things were really shaping up. The big thing was the new bed we found over New Years along with the matching night stand.
So this weekend while the boys were all gone on a Father/Son Camp in for Boy Scouts the girls and I had a HUGE project in Ethan's Room Redo!
The girls were so very excited about doing this. Ethan knew we were repainting his room but that was all he thought we were doing. Being girls who all love watching HGTV we had more in mind, like accessories!
We painted everything, walls, bookshelves, and wall shelves. We hung pictures, put up a new map, organized books, added new picture frames and lamps, and added a crafty touch. They even decorated the door with a sign. Its always a big deal when the kids get to redo their room but for Ethan we all celebrated in his new space.
So we went from the picture above to this.....

 Amazing! Girl Power!
 Desk area, map compliments of Grommy along with the new desk and lamp from Christmas.

 E for Erin and also Ethan!
 My little contribution was the wall E which he loved.
 His newly painted wall shelves. There is still one more to hang at the top.
 Newly painted bookshelf along with new light and art work Ethan did in Art class. All organized and arranged by the girls.

 I love the new lamp and night stand with the family pictures.
 New desk accessories from the girls complete with his favorite candy and new picture. We even got his little piece of Disney ownership hung up.

 Girls hard at work on their door sign and getting ready for the reveal.

 The reveal!!!
 And he LOVES it! And we loved doing it for him!

We worked hard and very happily I might add. The girls were so excited they were willing to do anything including clean and the not fun parts of the project. We are tired and need to have a relaxing day but we would do anything for the best big brother in the world! We love you Ethan!


Laura said...

Oh wow! You all did a great job! I'm sure Ethan is loving his new space.

Grommy said...

The HGTV crew couldn't have done a better job than the Miller girls did! It turned out great. Ethan, you have a great space to read, work, and listen to music. And have privacy when you want it. Love to all--

Rob M. said...

That blue looks SO much nicer than the lime sherbet green! When I was a kid, I almost always had a BLUE room. Kinda wish I did now, but being in an apt., they're always some shade of white!

Ethan, your room looks awesome! I hope you enjoy it for years to come!


Gretchen said...

Your room looks FABULOUS!!!