Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sunrise Walk


Bill and I had grand plans of waking early each morning and walking on the beach. We had to DRAG ourselves out one morning to enjoy the sunrise. At least we got plenty of rest on vacation! It was worth getting up for. We walked down to the end of the island which was deserted and watched the sun come up together. So peaceful in so many ways (all parents know what I mean!).







Gretchen said...

So very pretty... I like the pic of you 2 walking on the beach that is posted on your blog page.

Rob M. said...

We don't get to see the sun come up over the ocean, but do get to see plenty of sunsets going down by the ocean, when at the beaches. Dana Point is a nice place to watch the sun set. So is Santa Monica area, as long as Catalina Island isn't in the way!


Laura said...

Stunning! Great pictures, Margot! And I agree with Gretchen, the picture on your sidebar of you and Bill is so sweet!