Saturday, September 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Kyle!

August 24th Kyle turned 14! We celebrated for a week and spoiled him rotten which as the oldest child he so deserves. He always babysits without complaint, mows the grass, does chores around the house, and is just an absolutley fantastic kid. On his actual birthday we celebrated with his best buddy Nick and our immediate family. The theme of his gifts this year was political with a new game "Hail to the Chief" , a WWII chess set, and a copy of the Reagan Diaries. He's one more year closer to his Presidential campaign! We love you Kyle!

Kyle and Nick made the most enormous bowls of ice cream topped with everything they could find. Like typical teenage boys there was nothing left when they were done.

Future Commander in Chief

Erin made Kyle a decorated pencil for his birthday. She was so proud to have her own gift. She is one lucky little girl to have such a sweet big brother.

He is so big!! I know I'm little, but he is BIG! He towers over me this year. Every year we take a picture standing up, we were the same height when he turned 11.

The oldest and they youngest.


The Jackson Juniors said...

Kyle, hope you had a wonderful birthday week of celebration!! Happpy (belated)birthday!!!!!

Rob M. said...

One of these days, Kyle, I'll try to find some more military things to send you. I know David Brett has Grandpa's (your Great Grandpa's) medals. I think he's going to put them in a shadow box, not really sure. They were in Big Dave's garage, just like I knew they were!

I once ran for City Council. 1997. Out of 10 candidates for 3 openings, I got 661 votes, and came in .... drum roll .... 10th place!

Glad to hear you had a good birthday! Keep 'em up!

Uncle Bobby

Gretchen said...

So crazy to think you are 14!!! I hope you had a great b-day week because it sure looks like you did!!