Sunday, September 26, 2010

Picture Night - Take One!

We have always taken pictures one evening on the beach but over the last couple of years we have been doing this a couple of nights. For a couple of reasons, one being there are more kids and two they are all old enough to have an opinion about what they wear. Night one is everyone chooses their own outfit and I do lots of individuals and night two everyone wears what mom chooses and we do our Christmas card picture. All the kids like the results of the pictures so they don't complain about getting ready, only when we are on picture 127 do people start to get done with the whole thing. This year went really well. Paige and Lindy chose their outfits last spring when shopping for summer clothes. There was lots of "oh this will be perfect for the beach picture, you get this color and I'll get this one." Which I love they think about it 5 months before the event! The boys really don't care a bit what they wear and Erin brought enough to do a photoshoot every night but settled on what she calls her "July Dress".
Our only glitch this year were the mosquitos which chewed up Paige. I got lots of picutes of her bending over to scratch her legs! Enjoy!


Rob M. said...

Those are all great pictures of my grand-nieces & grand-nephews, and even the one of you (RG) & Bill! Have you ever counted how many pictures you take in a year? Thousands, I'm sure!


Laura said...

Great pictures! And what a wonderful idea!

Gretchen said...

I love all of the ones on the blog.... I can't wait to see EVERY SINGLE PICTURE!!!