Sunday, March 11, 2012

Happy 1st Birthday!

Bill and I came home last night and found this sign that Lindy had made. She had hung it up with some yarn streamers she made, it was so sweet.

The kids were very excited to celebrate their puppies first birthday. They started the day with the meat sticks they love, "puppy crack", which kept them busy most of the day. The weather was so beautiful we made a trip to the dog park where there were 4 pugs to play with! So much fun, Ollie had a girl friend in minutes! When we got home it was bath time and Quincy loves baths so much he almost falls asleep in the tub, you would think he's at the spa!

Our Sunday family dinner was homemade pizza and an awesome cookie/brownie/ice cream dessert. The puppies snacked on their birthday cookies and posed in their birthday party hats. The kids had such a great time celebrating with their boys! They have been with us for almost a year and it has been such fun. We all love them so much and never knew how much we would enjoy them being a part of our family. It's better than we ever imagined!


Gretchen said...

Everything looks really cute, what a fun day for Oliver and Quincy!

Rob M. said...

Those hats for the dogs are really cute!!!!