Sunday, March 4, 2012

Cat in the Hat - Hats!

I realized March 1st that the next day was Dr. Seuss' birthday. This is one of those unit studies I have always wanted to do but kept putting off because I was never organized and had my things together to start. I still wasn't ready to start on March 1st! But instead of telling myself, I'll just do it next year, I gathered up what I had and got started. Sometimes I just get tired of not getting stuff done!

We have a few of the books so we started with a couple and Cat in the Hat was one of the first we read. Thanks again to Pinterest we had a snack craft to make. Cookie Dr. Seuss hats made out of Erin's beloved favorite cookies, oreos! Lindy and Paige even made some since they were so easy and cute. We used gummy lifesavers and stacked them on top of half the oreo and attached them with icing.

We now have a whole month of books and activities planned so the Dr. Seuss celebration will continue! Erin has been reading like crazy and is so excited to have so many new books she can read by herself.

Dr. Seuss Cookie Hats


Laura said...

What great fun! I've seen some cute things for this (maybe your pins!) but haven't done anything about it. Good for you grabbing that bull by the horns!!

Gretchen said...

Love Dr. Seuss and Pinterest, those cookies look so tasty!