Saturday, March 10, 2012

Celtic Ball

Kyle and his friend McKinley went to the Celtic Ball tonight and had a fabulous time. They spent the afternoon at the practice dance session where they learned Irish and Scottish dances, so cool.

The great thing about boys, they were ready in 15 minutes! I told them to get dressed and off they went and put on their suits, brushed hair, and we were out the door. In a few years it will take us forever to get ready with all these girls.

Parents got to watch the procession into the dance where a bagpiper led the dancers. That was really neat but hard to photograph. By the time I saw them coming by, they had passed. We also got to watch the first dance which was really fun. I was talking to another mom about how we wanted to go to a ball like this and how fun. We only had one or two proms when we were growing up (poor us). This ball is primarily home schooled kids. So, whenever people say things about home school kids missing out on high school type experiences, they have no idea what they are talking about! Kyle has two formals this spring as a freshman! Sometimes I think as home schoolers, our kids often have more opportunities for experiences.

 Kyle said he danced all night. I don't even know if he took a break, he absolutely loved it! I'm so glad that he wanted to go (I didn't even have to talk him into it he really wanted to go!) and so happy he had a good friend to share in the fun. They were already talking about going next year.

Erin being Erin. McKinley being part of our family, we love him! 

Not a good picture, the bagpiper led the procession of all the dancers into the ball room.  So cool.

The back of Kyle escorting Jenna in the procession. 

Kassi just passed, Kyle waving on the left. If I put a couple pictures together I can kind of get a whole one of him in the procession!


Rob M. said...

Kyle, Your buddy McKinley has a really SHARP TIE in that pic, and with that dark blue shirt, it looks really nice. If I could find myself a dark shirt like that (in my size!!!) and a tie like that, I'd wear it a lot of places! That's classy!

From your FB post, I guess you had a lot of fun, didn't you?


Gretchen said...

You guys look so sharp..... glad you had so much fun!

Sam Garcia said...

:O I attended this event! I also saw those two guys (McKinley and Kyle) at the Festive Ball in this December. God bless!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am a homeschooling mom in Cleveland and would love to have my son attend the Celtic Ball in the winter, could you email me info, so we could get on the email list? Thank you so much!