Saturday, March 5, 2011

Hail to the Chief!

 In honor of Presidents Day we spent quite a few days in February reading various books and listening to our guest lecturer on Presidents (Kyle). The favorite activity though was our board game "Hail to the Chief". Kyle got this for his birthday last year and it has become one of everyone's favorites.
Presidential history, state history and trivia are your way around the board. You start by getting enough votes to "run" and then once you achieve that you are officially campaigning to get your electoral votes. Even Erin likes to play and with different levels of questions we can usually find one that will suit her.

Kyle is the King of Strategy! I think he has had memorized every states electoral votes since he was about 8. He still has fun playing!

Lindy is right behind Kyle in her love of history, she loves outsmarting her older brother!

Ethan pulled off winning his campaign, helped that he won California.

 Love this picture! Even though Lindy was having a bad allergy day and she is rubbing her nose its still a cool picture.


Laura said...

What great family fun! Smile all around there. Love the pictures! We may have to try that game :) (isn't there always something else to try?!?)

Rob M. said...

I thought it was "Hail to the Chef"!!!


Gretchen said...

I would definitely need a Miller child as my teammate!!!