Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cookie Walk

 In the spirit of tradition, the Girl Scout Council organized a cookie walk for the girls to do much like the beginning of Girl Scout Cookie Sales 80 years ago. When girls first started selling cookies they would bake and package cookies in their own kitchens with their moms and then go and sell them door to door.
Time have changed with the product but Girl Scouts still go selling door to door. With next year being the 100th birthday of Girl Scouts it seemed like a great year to go back to the old traditions.

The girls decorated their wagons and loaded them up with tons of cookies. Then we hit the streets! It was definitely a success! We sold around 50 boxes in an hour and most importantly the girls had a blast. We hope to do this next year when Girl Scouts is officially 100 years old!

 Sarah was our walking billboard.

 Sales were good!

 Love this sign, "we're irresistible"!

The Cookie Mobile!


Gretchen said...

Way too cute and fun!!

Laura said...

That looks like so much fun!