Saturday, March 19, 2011

Audubon Center

 Last week the Juniors earned their Wildlife Badge at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center. What a new little gem in Columbus! I had never been before and only 2 of the girls in the troop had gone before, so it was very neat to check it out as a group.
The girls started out by drawing an animal or something from nature that represented themselves in some way. What a creative bunch of girls! Faith P. drew a cat since they are adventurous and she likes to travel and is adventuresome. Lily drew a lily pad, Rebekah did a koala since she loves them, and we had quite a few horses.
We learned all about birds and conservation. I was surprised with how much the girls knew already! After we finished learning about the different bird calls we headed outside with our binoculars and started observing and recording our observations.
After the bird walk we headed back in and the girls got to sink their hands into some yuck! Mud from the river which they were to sort through and look for any living creatures. When given the opportunity to actually play in mud many girls did everything to not get dirty! Others were all about getting their hands muddy!
We also celebrated Jessie's birthday with her, she drew a cake for our quilt of pictures. A very fun afternoon, beautiful weather, and good friends, made a successful meeting.

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