Monday, April 23, 2012

Fertility Testing

Day 14 of chick incubation was testing all the eggs to see if they were fertile or not. The girls were so excited to see if we had any chicks and I was afraid that we would have no chicks at all! A simple test with a shoebox and a small hole and setting the egg in the box then illuminating it with a flashlight gave us the answer. As neat as it looks to see light in the egg, that is not what you want! The dark eggs can't pass light because something is growing.  Fortunately, out of 12 eggs we had 6 that looked like a chick was growing!
We still had a week to go but now excitement was even higher because the kids could see their work on maintaining the incubator and turning the eggs was working. More to come when hatching begins!

Pretty, but no chick. 

Someone is in there!

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