Sunday, April 15, 2012


The eggs made it safely home and once we got the temperature regulated on the incubator, they moved in. It has been a great experience for the kids to learn about the life cycle of the chicks and how the whole process of hatching works.
There is a check list that everyone takes turns doing the "Chick Chores". The thermometer must be checked, the eggs need to be turned, and the humidity checked.
When they were first placed in the incubator, we learned all about how strong the shells can be. Yet also how careful you have to be with having clean hands  when handling them. The girls marked x or o on each side (in pencil because ink can cause harm to the developing chick) so that they know which side to turn them to twice a day.
And then we wait...and wait. If all goes well Day 21 is on Erin's birthday so it's possible she will have a really special present this year!

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Laura said...

How fun! Let me know how they do, might be a fun activity for us next year (as long as I can give them back!!)