Monday, September 12, 2011

Night Swim

 We made record time! Only 11 hours of driving and that included stops! For once we had no accident/traffic jam or any rainy down pours to drive through. By leaving at the crack of dawn (really before dawn) we were here before dinner and had time to unpack, eat, and have a night swim. Water is so warm its like a bathtub, temps are mid 80's, sunny, and beautiful.
Normally I think Bill would get tired of hearing me say repeatedly, "I just love it here so much", except he's saying it too. There is nothing that compares for us. No matter what beach we have been to we love coming back to Folly each year more than anywhere else.


Laura said...

Beautiful pictures! Glad you guys had a pleasant drive. Now for some fantastic family time! Enjoy your beach :)

Gretchen said...

Perfect water, what a great way to end the day after being in the car all day.