Thursday, September 15, 2011


We came back to Folly this year to severe beach erosion. We were told some of it was from Hurricane Irene but it looks like a great deal of it was already going on before that. It has really effected the area by our house. When high tide comes in you literally cannot walk down the beach and in front of the house since the tide is all the way up on the rocks below the house. Its neat to see the entire deck surrounded by water but it makes the evening walks challenging to get down to the beach. We have a round about way and it makes it more of an evening adventure. Its also pretty cool to swim right under the house.
It does need to get fixed or the "Edge of America" is not going to have its current edge and we would hate to see our house get washed away!

 There has been at least 4-5 feet of a drop in the beach since we were here last year. We used to walk over the wood barriers and now they are taller than the girls.

There have been 5 steps added to the stairs that go to our beach entrance by our house and tons of rocks put in to help slow down the erosion.


molly kyle said...

Great to see everyone romping in the surf! Grommy would probably be slightly uneasy with the ocean under the house, but I'm sure I'd adjust. Looks as if it would have been a little treacherous for the grandpuppies!

Gretchen said...

Wow mother nature has really hit those beaches hard.