Sunday, July 10, 2011


Trying to get caught up on my pictures, feel like I'm always saying that, but some things I don't want to skip just to get caught up! On Father's Day we said good bye to Pastor Jim and his family. They have been moved to another church about 90 minutes away so we won't see them as often.
We will miss Sunday mornings with Jim's sermons and I have already missed VBS with Phyllis. It just wasn't the same without her there to work with in the Preschool. I know we are not the only family who feel this way, the farewell party had hundreds of people there to say good bye.
Bill and Jim have become great friends enjoying weekday lunches over Rubens and we have enjoyed our dinners with our families.
We will see them soon once they get settled. Until then best wishes on their new home. Their congregations are lucky to have them!

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