Saturday, July 2, 2011

Awesome Leaders

I can't say enough good things about Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts when it comes to teaching kids to become leaders. The week at camp really proved the point.
Cynthia and Kyle are awesome teens in many ways. Cynthia was an advanced program leader which meant she was responsible for writing her own lesson plan and creating an activity to do with each of the camp units all week. Her nature training with Mrs. Slone paid off huge with her running an animal tracking station. Not only did the girls love the activity and being able to make their own animal track and take it home but they loved Cindy Loo Hoo. She made things fun, exciting, and she is full of enthusiasm. It was so fun to hang out with her at Head Quarters and help her get her project together. She is a really bright girl who is going to be very successful someday.
Back in May the other leaders asked me if Kyle might be willing to volunteer at camp since we had two leaders who were bringing siblings, both boys ages 6 and 9. I almost didn't ask him since I thought NO WAY will he be willing to spend a week at camp with all those girls running around. Well, he thought it over and knowing that he could earn some service hours was too enticing to pass up. (Of course I think he now has enough service hours to cover him until her makes Eagle!)
Two boys ended up having the best week ever with Kyle. He planned activities for them, brought things from home that he thought they would like, taught them great skits for Friday, set up their own personal tent to use all week, and basically did anything they wanted to do. And guess what? He had a great time! He loved the kids and had fun hanging out with some of the girls too. What teenage boy wouldn't?? One boy in a camp loaded with teenage girls?? He had fun!
Great kids made for a great week!

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Gretchen said...

Way to go Kyle and Cynthia!!!