Monday, June 6, 2011

Splinted x2

Rachel and Paige Splinted

It was a busy week last week, what with Paige having to go to Urgent Care three times for her broken arm! Starting with the Dance Recital, she came home took off her costume and went outside to roller blade. Fell down, hurt her arm. I really didn't think much of it until the next day when her elbow was not visible! She was so swollen I couldn't see her elbow. She also couldn't bend her arm when she woke up. Trip #1 to Urgent Care (thank you Children's for putting an Urgent Care 3 minutes from my house!). X-ray's show not broken but it's Paige, which means she could be broken but not showing that yet due to swelling. Just like 3 years ago when she broke her wrist.

We leave with a splint and are told to return at the end of the week for repeat films. Friday afternoon we return and are given the all clear, no break, swelling is gone, splint is off, we return to happy, fun, summer play.

The next night we are at the park for the boys Shakespeare production and Paige falls playing of all things, Red Rover! Swelling wrist and tears = Urgent Care. Three hours later and we leave with a splint and instructions to go to the orthopaedist that week for casting. I know where that is since this would be the third time she has broken the same arm!

Two days later, the girls good friend Rachel, shows up with her splint! Same arm, different bone, but a broken arm friend. Someone to hang out with when you can't do what everyone else is doing. I felt so bad for Rachel but if she was going to break her arm she had good timing! It's always better to have someone to go through things with.

Here's to a great summer! We are off to a bang!



Rob M. said...

Paige, quit breakin' your arm! When you've got a broken arm, or even just a sprain, ya just gotta be more careful!


Laura said...

Poor, poor Paige! She looks like she's taking it pretty well though. What a trooper! Friends make everything a bit better, right??