Saturday, June 11, 2011

Pug Luv

Oliver and Quincy

We are all totally hooked on our little pugs! They are so cute and loveable, so much fun to have that even those who were not huge dog fans are completly in love with them. They are living the life too! Eat, sleep, play, play, play, get treats, sleep, eat.... life is rough!

Ethan and Quincy, best buddies.

Lindy and Oliver

 Oliver  Ahhh..... the coolest place to sleep.

 When out of crates and given the choice to sleep together they always find each other and snuggle up.

 Quincy - the best birthday gift ever!

 Quincy + Lindy = Love

 Quincy sitting with Lindy during her math lesson.It quickly got too boring and she finally had to move to her own chairl

Oliver's total cuteness is also in his personality. Quincy was at the back door whining when Oliver went and got a leash and carried it over to Quincy so he could go out. So sweet, they love each other so much!

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Gretchen said...

Can't even say just HOW cute they are!!!! 2 more cuties for you to photograph, love it!!!