Friday, July 23, 2010

American Girl Doll Camp

Emma and Lindy with the "Cardinals" group.

American Girl Doll Camp has lasted all week and what fun it has been! The best part was seeing Lindy and Paige organize, set up, and get creative with the activities. I tried to stay out of the planning as much as possible (can be hard for me to do!) and just get them started and give them some ideas to get started with.
Paige chose to name their camp Camp Gowonagin after Molly's camp. She made the welcoming sign that hung at the top of the stairs leading to the loft where camp took place. The girls incorporated many of the ideas from their Girl Scout camp experiences.
Twelve dolls attended and we had seven little girls managing their camp group of dolls. Paige divided the dolls into three groups of four and named them the Blue Jays, the Cardinals, and the Robins. The first day each group made a camp flag and decorated it to take to the flag ceremony.
Stations were set up and the groups rotated through crafts, snacks, swimming, camp songs, horseback riding, bike riding, ice and roller skating, nature walks, and gymnastics.
Tonight is the big sleepover. The girls are making smores and then making mini smores for their dolls. We have camp pictures to pass out and all the dolls are sleeping together. More pictures to follow later!

Grace and Paige with the "Robins".

Erin, Rachel, and Julia with the "Blue Jays".

Taken straight from Girl Scout Camp, the girls created "Singing Trees" where the girls gather to learn camp songs each day. 

The girls took their dolls on nature walks each day complete with guide books and magnifying glass!

A makeshift swimming pool, a box covered in dark blue wrapping paper. By day 3 they had rigged a diving board too.
Icecream cones on bugles!

Love this, the girls put all their dolls in a group to play a card game.

Another snack, red M&M's with chocolate made to look like ladybugs.

Can you tell that I have as much fun as the girls?!


Gretchen said...

Way too cute! Everyone looks like they had a ton of fun! I love the ice cream cone, what a great idea!

Anonymous said...

how do you go to the ag camp