Saturday, March 27, 2010

Peep Wreath

You either love them or hate them, I happen to love Peeps! Some of my kids like them some don't. Bill definitely falls into the "does not like" category but he did love this Easter wreath I made with them. With all the new colors they have now I was able to fill it with lots of spring colors and work to fill in with other Easter treats.
The base of the wreath is a 12 inch foam form covered in pink grosgrain ribbon. With hot glue in hand I started gluing peeps everywhere, it helped to set them out for a couple of days to harden up a bit. I have to admit that until I started filling in with other things I thought it looked terrible. But when Bill walked in and said how cute it looked I had to agree with him. I like the way it turned out and it looks really festive in the kitchen.


Laura said...

Margot, you are so crafty! What a beautiful wreath!

Rob M. said...

Your dentist will love you, too!

Jennifer James said...

Love it!!!!