Saturday, March 27, 2010

Brownie's Get Fit and Healthy

We have always had very productive Brownie meetings but as the girls are getting older we are able to accomplish so much more in three hours. We had a lot of Try its we are in the process of so at each meeting we do a little to try and get one of them wrapped up. We have a few girls who have the potential to earn all the try its and with some girls just joining our troop this past year, we will be Brownies for the summer before flying up to Juniors this fall.

The weather at the last meeting was beautiful! We were able to spend most of it outdoors. I quickly changed plans when I saw the forecast. We worked on the My Body Try it and the Girl Sports. Because everyone was having such a great time outside we were able to complete both these Try its in one meeting! We also made our Brownie pinwheels for the Mover Try it.

Claire and Katie were our snack and drink helpers and Claire provided us with a fantastic rainbow of fruit complete with marshmallow clouds! It was so cute, the girls loved it She also made really cool rainbow cupcakes. We also had a birthday to celebrate, Faith brought cupcakes for all of us as well so we had plenty to eat! We had a quick round of Happy Birthday to cover all of our February and March birthdays. Happy Birthday Day Faith, Faith, Brooke, and AnnMarie!

We are looking forward to some really fun stuff in the coming months including a trip to COSI and a tea party. We're also busy planning our summer months so there is lots of Girl Scout excitment going on!

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Gretchen said...

I love the rainbow fruit platter!!