Sunday, December 12, 2010

Tooth Fairy Box

I barely had this done for Erin's second tooth to fall out but I was determined to have something cute for her tooth fairy! I had looked for something that would fit under her pillow and was girly. I found a couple of cute things but never exactly what I wanted. Until I hit some scrapbooking blogs and found converted Altoids tins into magically cute Tooth Fairy boxes!
A little poem, lots of ribbon, cute paper, sparkles, and we had a little girls favorite place to put her teeth.

 A tiny envelope inside holds the tooth. I think they were Martha Stewart envelopes for tags but they work great for teeth too!

Lots of princess paper with glitter cover all the edges and sides of the box. The inside is velvety paper to cushion the precious little teeth.


Rob M. said...

What's the going rate for teeth? Every now and then, I get one taken out. Maybe I could send it to Erin and split the reward? Oh, wait, mine might be a little bit bigger! And most of mine have gold crowns on them!

We used to just stick the tooth under our pillow, and the Tooth Fairy would bring the money. I can't remember how much. Either a quarter or a half dollar, 'cause those were common back then.


Margot said...

The tooth fairy leaves a special $2 bill. The kids are not allowed to spend it. They can keep it or cash it in for 2 $1's. Some of them have saved all their $2 and some only have a couple left and cashed in the rest! Since you can't get them anymore its kind of a cool thing that she brings them!

Tabatha Aikins said...

Oh, it's so lovely! I bet she was so thrilled when she saw this one! And the tooth fairy would also be so delighted to see such a wonderful package that will make her do a great trade with the little princess' tooth.