Saturday, August 21, 2010

American Girl Bliss

Oh my what a day. I have been wanting to take my little girls to the American Girl Store since they were born. So that would be almost nine years! Last Saturday was finally the day. After bringing our cousins Emma and Alec back to Chicago we stayed for the weekend and hit the store Saturday morning. Oh my!
First we headed to the hair salon to get our dolls dropped off for their make overs. The girls had been online studying the different styles and had already made their selections before they arrived at the store. With Chrissa, Samantha, Molly, and Rebecca safely dropped off we headed off to shop until our lunch reservation. Lindy had her heart set on a look alike doll and named her Bailey. Paige wanted the Girl of the Year, Lanie, and Erin wanted Molly's friend Emily. While we were shopping a sweet lady named Denise showed up with a huge bag and extra hands to help us. It was a mamma's dream come true! She led us back to the personal shopping lounge where she stored our goodies while we ate lunch and checked on us while we ate and shopped.
Lunch was such fun! We took our remaining dolls to eat and had a birthday lunch party celebrating Emma's 11th birthday and Lindy and Paige's 9th birthday. We had a great meal and finished with a birthday cake and ice cream before heading back to shop more.
Our shopping angel Denise, took our list of last items and gathered them up while we went and looked at all the Historical Dolls vignettes, clothes and furniture. So my AG store tip is, get one of these wonderful ladies to help you out. It made all the difference in my day!

Erin with her Julie.

Lindy and Paige ordered the American Girls Picnic Lunch. So cute, it had a mini hotdog, mini hamburger, mini bowl of macaroni with mini fruit kabobs. They loved it!

Julie and Felicity enjoy tea at the celebration.

Lindy and Felicity

Emma and Ella

Happy early birthday Lindy and Paige, and happy birthday Emma!

Paige was so proud of getting Chrissa's ears pierced.

The real life size rooms were a definite favorite for all the girls. There was a lot of squealing going on!

This was my favorite, Molly's 1944 kitchen.

Rebecca's 1914 Dining Room

Julie's memorabilia

Oh, which mini doll should we get?

Erin was doing a fashion show with the Rebecca clothes.

Paige and Lainey with her nature kit.

Lindy and her new look alike, Bailey.

Erin with her new Emily doll and her new mini Emily.

Taking the train into the city was a fun experience for the girls. Bill had to do last minute hair repair in route to downtown!

Emma and Lindy enjoyed some downtime before the ride home. I know they will always remember spending the day together and celebrating their birthdays. I know I will!


Whitney said...

What a blast! Looks like everyone had a great time. That picture of Bill made me think it was taken on the way home...his expression looks like he just caught sight of the receipt!

Laura said...

A girl's dream come true! What a great day!!!

I thought the same thing as Whitney! ;) He just HAD to have that same expression when he saw the receipt!

Rob M. said...

That's good, Whit! LOL! After seeing the picture of Ethan "outside" the Sears Tower (I think that's the building), I'm sure they ALL had a good time in the Windy City!


The Jackson Juniors said...

That's awesome. I had no idea you could get the doll's ears pierced. It sounds like it was a fun packed day they will always remember.

Margot said...

Bill really was fixing hair on the way in. We stayed on budget so he was actually happy with the total. We both knew it had potential for being a HUGE spending spree. But all of us girls did a good job not going crazy!

Gretchen said...

Looks like WAY TOO much fun! I bet Aunt Whit has had dreams about going there since these pictures popped up. I can't wait to meet all of the new dolls. I loved the birthday cake, so pretty. What a great girls day!

Dinodude said...